French door fridge classes up kitchen

Samsung's French Door Refrigerator has style worth showing off in any kitchen, as well as an interior that can accommodate any size and shape of food.


I'm a big Food Network fan, and when Danny Boome tells me to look at a product, I'll at least glance it over. He's promoting the new Samsung French Door Refrigerator, so is it any wonder I went to take a look at one? At first glance, the French Door Refrigerator is a very classy appliance. Stainless steel with French doors--it's elegant enough for any kitchen. When designing the inside, though, Samsung really went all out. I can't think of anything I couldn't fit into this fridge. Shelves fold out of the way to accommodate large pitchers, the walls of the fridge are thinner--more efficient--to make room for more food, and the fridge and freezer are essentially separate units that can't share nasty smells. The freezer is similarly outfitted. In the end, we're talking about 25.8 cubic feet in which to store food. The French Door Refrigerator isn't a budget model: most retailers are selling it for about $1,400. It is a high quality appliance, though, with plenty of features that will make a cook's life much easier. And, hey, Danny Boome--a chef who specializes in helping people figure out culinary dilemmas--recommends it.

The French Door Refrigerator Samsung
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