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Freebie Tuesday: Music, e-books, apps, and more!

Put that credit card back in your wallet! Today's deals--starting with a $2 Amazon MP3 credit--won't cost you one thin dime.

Yesterday's batch of free iPhone games got me in the mood for more free stuff. I mean, even cheap deals cost money, right? Sometimes you just gotta give the credit card a rest.

With that in mind, I've rounded up a handful of freebies for today. Nothing earth-shattering, but some worthwhile stuff to satisfy your daily-deal sweet tooth.

With eBook Fling, you lend your e-books to others and get credits so you can borrow new books.
With eBook Fling, you lend your e-books to others and get credits so you can borrow new books. Screenshot by Rick Broida

First up, Amazon is offering a free $2 credit for use at its MP3 store. Just click that link and enter code CLOUDMP3. Presto: you've got two bucks to blow on the songs or album of your choice. (If you choose an album priced higher than $2, the credit will be applied to the total price, natch.)

Amazon is no doubt doing this to help promote its new Cloud Drive service, which gives you 5GB of online storage, or 20GB (for one year) if you buy just one album. FYI, the code must be redeemed by June 30.

Second, if you like to read, check out eBook Fling. This service lets you trade e-books with other Kindle and Nook owners. Every book you "lend" from your personal library earns you a credit you can use to "borrow" books from others' collections. (You get one free credit just for signing up.)

Not all books can be loaned or borrowed, but you can still find plenty of good stuff to read. I recently used eBook Fling to nab "The Hunger Games" (which my wife and daughter insisted I read), and it didn't cost me a cent. (And the gals were right: what a relentlessly entertaining book!)

Next, if you have kids and don't want their brains to rot over the summer, McGraw-Hill is currently offering a variety of free math apps for iOS. There are games focusing on addition, multiplication, fractions--a little something for every age group. Grab them before June 29, when they'll revert to being not free.

Finally, I have to tell you about a free Web service I am totally digging. It's called Oh, Don't Forget, and it sends scheduled text-message reminders to your cell phone.

All you do is enter your phone number, message, and the day/time you want it delivered. Just today I needed to remind Mrs. Cheapskate about a schedule change for one of the kids' activities, and it took me 10 seconds to set up the reminder. Brilliant.

Got a freebie of your own to share? Tell me about it in the comments!