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Floating tea infuser is just ducky

Why settle for an ordinary cup of tea? Loose leaves over bagged is a given, but you can jazz things up even more and add a little whimsy to your teacup with a floating duck tea infuser.

A yellow duck atop a stainless steel tea infuser next to a white teacup.
Everything it's quacked up to be. Cliff Fiess/RSVP Intl

If you're looking to bring a little levity to your morning cup of tea--and who isn't?--you'll appreciate this fun infuser from RSVP International. The infuser is made of 18/8 stainless steel. Fill it with loose tea leaves and drop it in your hot water. Then, when your tea has brewed the proper amount, there's no need to fish around for the infuser or to dirty a spoon. Simply lift Ducky out and place him into his handy drip cup. It's about $10 online, and makes a cute gift for any tea lover.

Ducky has a 2-inch diameter, and when resting in his drip cup, he's just more than 3 inches tall. Hand wash for best results.