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Flip open a relationship with your waffle maker

The Wolfgang Puck Rotating Grill-and-Bake Waffle Iron features removable plates to make more than just waffles.

More than just waffles. Amazon

Buying a waffle iron is a commitment. The relationship-ready have to be prepared to do what it takes to make a lasting relationship work. This of course means compromise. When it comes to waffle irons, this means choosing a device that is usually capable of only one thing: making waffles. It's hard to make room on our cluttered kitchen counters for devices that only do one thing. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way.

The Wolfgang Puck Rotating Grill-and-Bake Waffle Iron extends its usefulness beyond simply making waffles. Featuring removable plates, the appliance doubles as an indoor grill. When used as a grill, fat drips down through the vertical system, and collects into a drip tray positioned at the bottom. All the grill plates have a nonstick coating, and additional plates are available for making omelettes or Danish aebleskivers.

It's nice to find a kitchen appliance that is there for you all day long. You can have deep-pocketed Belgian waffles for breakfast and use the same appliance to make grilled chicken for dinner. The versatility offered by this one machine makes it easy to clear that kitchen counter clutter. Perfect for those who like to play around (in the kitchen).