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Flickr puts new features on the map

Flickr is set to release new geotagging features that will allow better searching of photos on the image-sharing site by the location they were taken

Hard on the heels of the 2 billionth photo being posted to popular image-sharing site Flickr, the Yahoo-owned photomeister has confirmed that recently announced new geotagging features will be live this week. The new features are Flickr Places and a new world map.

Flickr Places allows you to view images captured at any of 100,000 major locations around the world. Cities, states, countries and regions have dedicated pages for your viewing pleasure. Each page will also show local information such as maps, the current time and what the weather's like. We're presuming that Crave's sandwich emporium of choice Frank's Cafe is one of them -- where the weather is currently grey and the time is always lunchtime.

Flickr is also set to upgrade its existing world map. Geotagging -- including information with the image file on where your photo was taken -- allows you to place your photos on a map. The current map features pink circles to denote each photo, which will be replaced with 'hot tags'. Clicking on these hot tags will call up a photostream called a 'photo ribbon'.

Before these features debut, it's worth taking a look at the Flickr page where people cleverer than us humble Cravers have built on Flickr's public API to create some snazzy extra features for the site. Map-related extras include Mappr, which makes educated guesses about un-geotagged photos from their titles or standard tags and places them on a map. There's also fun to be had with BlueOkapi, a mashup of GoogleMaps, YouTube and Flickr. -Rich Trenholm