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Flash sale exclusively for CNET Members: Save 20% on Western Digital TV Live!

Don't you hate it when there's nothing on TV? With today's CNET Exclusive, boring channel surfing is a thing of the past.

Our new friends at Western Digital are hooking up the CNET audience for a limited time only! The Western Digital TV Live helps you get the most out of your couch time with a range of streaming services for hit shows, movies, and music. Set up your favorites like Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu Plus, and start watching!

WD TV Live sets itself apart for the competition of Wi-Fi-enabled streaming devices because it is also a media player that supports an array of file types. It allows users to stream virtually any file format like USB drives, network drives, computers, cameras, and more.

WD TV Live Western Digital

After playing with WD TV Live, I was also very impressed with the sleek interface that allows users to customize their favorites and views. As an added bonus, WD also launched an iOS and Android remote app. Personally, I highly recommend secretly downloading the remote app and toying with your roommates or loved ones when you don't agree on a show. "What? No I don't know why it keeps changing back to 'How I Met Your Mother'?" Oh, and did I mention the pros here at CNET gave it 4 stars?

Make sure to stop by CNET Exclusives today and get yours for less than $100 with free shipping before time runs out.