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Final Cut Pro update addresses PCI-e performance

The update addresses compatibility, but may break some plug-in features.

For those who use Apple's Final Cut Pro X video and movie production suite, an update is available that addresses the program's performance and image quality of broadcast monitoring when using PCI-express and Thunderbolt devices. The update also addresses syncing performance when using multicam setups, and adds localization support for Simplified Chinese.

The update is available through the Mac App Store application, so if you have Final Cut Pro X installed, you can find this latest release in the Updates section within the program. Note that this update is for the latest Final Cut Pro X version of the program only, and not prior versions. When Apple released Final Cut Pro X a number of users complained about the changes, so Apple has maintained availability and support for both the latest and prior versions.

Despite these changes and performance tweaks, you might check for compatibility with your specific software setup before applying this update. A few developers of third-party plug-ins for Final Cut Pro have warned that the update breaks various functions in their software. Red Giant Software recently tweeted that the update breaks the Preview function in their plug-in, and recommends that users of their software not update Final Cut Pro until the problem is addressed. On the Apple Discussion forums, some users have noted the update shows choppy and sluggish performance, or hangs when previewing and playing project files.

These problems may be sparse, but if you use plug-ins and other customizations with Final Cut Pro, then be sure to contact the plug-in developer to check on compatibility before you apply this update.

As always, be sure to back up your system before installing this update. Use Time Machine to make a full and restorable back up of your system, or use a system cloning tool like Carbon Copy Cloner.

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