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FileMaker Pro 7: Outline and Shadow functionality gone

FileMaker Pro 7: Outline and Shadow functionality gone

MacFixIt reader David G. writes "In FileMaker Pro 6, under FORMAT Menu, submenu 'STYLE,' the options OUTLINE and SHADOW existed.  In FileMaker Pro 7, these option are missing.  I used both options frequently and really miss them."

After some searching through FileMaker Inc's TechInfo support library, it appears that the outline and shadow options are not hiding in a different part of the application, but are absent completely from the version 7.0 release.

Article #108765 reads:

"The older Macintosh text styles of Outline and Shadow are no longer supported in FileMaker Pro 7. During conversion any field that is formatted with either the Outline or the Shadow text style will be converted to the Plain Text style.

"The lack of support of these text styles is due to the lack of rendering support in the GDI engine that FileMaker Pro 7 is now using for fonts and graphics."


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