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Fanless Intel Core M designs get fans in desktop docks

Along with its new Core M fanless PC designs, Intel has shown a dock for Core M systems that includes fans to boost desktop performance.

Intel's design for a dock with included fan for fanless Core M systems. Seamus Byrne/CNET

As part of Intel's introduction of its new insanely thin Core M reference designs at Computex this week, the company also showed off a design for a docking station that includes a set of fans to add some airflow to allow for greater performance while using such a system at your desk.

The design works by targeting airflow over the front and rear surfaces of the wafer thin tablet. The dock was switched on at the demonstration, making very little noise and the airflow was hard to notice. But we'd want to see the dock in action while the system was being pushed hard to really see how loud or strange such a fan would make general desktop usage.

Intel's testing indicates that running a Core M system with the dock would boost performance by around 30 percent.

While this could further enhance such a system design, giving truly balanced portability as a tablet and solid performance at the desk, it does seem like a significant accessory concept to commit to for what would likely only fit the specific Core M system you have purchased.

It will be interesting to see whether such docks with fans actually come to market alongside real Core M designs or whether manufacturers will hone in on Core M with a laser focus, making these the most attractive super thin Windows machines around.

This also points to a different short-term solution given Intel's intention to head toward an all wireless system, including docking, charging and displays, in 2016.

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