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Eyefi card, cloud service bundle lands on Best Buy shelves

An exclusive bundle lets you grab an Eyefi wireless SD card and a year of service at a discount.

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Eyefi would really like to have all your photos now -- but in a good way.

Back in April, the wireless SD card maker launched Eyefi Cloud, a cloud service that stores new photos taken with your camera, smartphone, or tablet and syncs to all your Web-enabled devices and computers.

Designed to make it easier to privately view and share your photos instantly on any device, the service works in conjunction with Eyefi's Mobi SD cards. Installing the newest Mobi iOS or Android app and activating an account gets you three months of service. A full 12 months will run you $49, though.

An exclusive deal with Best Buy, however, lets you pick up a 16GB Eyefi Mobi card with a one-year membership to the Eyefi Cloud service for $100. Considering the card alone sells for just under $70, it's a decent savings for an all-in-one solution.

Also, since you can use one service account for multiple Mobi cards as well as pictures from smartphones and tablets, it gives you a simple way to access all your latest photos regardless of what you shot them with.