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Eye-Fi's Wi-Fi no longer video shy

The company's video-capable wireless capability, announced at CES, is a real product now.


Eye-Fi's now ready to unleash its next generation of Wi-Fi SD cards on the point-and-shooting public. The Eye-Fi Share Video and Eye-Fi Explore Video cards, first announced at CES, extend the capabilities of their predecessors to support uploading video directly to YouTube and Flickr via Wi-Fi.

While it'd be great if the cards could upload from the increasing number of Flash-based camcorders, they still only work with cameras; according to the company, that's because they only transmit files found in the DCIM directory. Cameras have a single standard directory structures but camcorders don't.

Eye-Fi has to stash the geotagging information generated by the Explore Video card in a sidecar file as well, since video files don't have a standard for storing it.

The geotagging 4GB Eye-Fi Explore Video card will cost $99 when it ships at the end of this month; the 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video will run $79. The company also dropped the price on its 2GB photo-only cards.