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Espresso without a pump

Making espresso can be hazardous to your health, but Capresso's Mini-S Espresso Machine takes the danger out of your morning brew.

Making espresso can be a dangerous undertaking, made only more so by a groggy home-barista who must figure out the bells and whistles of his espresso machine before he has caffeine in his system by definition. While the Capresso Mini-S Espresso Machine can't keep you from pouring hot coffee on yourself, it does eliminate some of the other dangers of home-brewed espresso. Rather than forcing you to figure out a pump mechanism while still half-asleep, the Mini-S uses steam pressure to make espresso. The Mini-S uses the steam boiler principle: it heats up water and forces the water through a filter holder to brew espresso in the carafe. Steam collects in the boiler while you switch to frothing milk. The steam then finishes the brewing process. The boiler cap has a built in safety valve and the carafe is made from dishwasher safe glass. The Mini-S is easy to use and easy to clean, making it a good choice for anyone ready to kick the Starbucks habit. I've seen much more expensive espresso makers. The Mini-S retails for $59.99. It practically pays for itself if you make espresso at home for a month, rather than going by the coffee shop every morning.

The Mini-S Capresso