Epson 850 software: a follow-up

Epson 850 software: a follow-up


Regarding the item last time on using the Epson 850 software to solve problems with the Epson 800 software:

Max Heim writes: "Many users on the Epson printer mailing list report that using the 850 driver with the 800 (or other) printer results in unacceptably dark printouts. It is speculated that the new smaller jet size of the 850 printer is the cause, in that the driver tells the older printer to lay down too much ink. So the new driver may not be a cure-all (the Epson 850 is not yet available in the US)."

Update: Peter Hammond Gary McKnight both note: The "too much ink" problem is caused by having the "Microweave - Super" option checked. Additional advice from Gary:

For printing graphics: Use Text/Graph default settings (720 dpi) with Color Adjustment set to ColorSync.

For printing scanned photographs, use PhotoEnhance2 default setting at 720 or 1440 dpi, depending on the photo or ColorSync at 1440 dpi. Super Microweave makes it too dark.

A couple of readers pointed out that the 850 software does not solve the crash that occurs when trying to print from FileMaker Pro 3.0. However, Wally Rodriguez claims the problem does go away if you are using FileMaker 4.0v1.

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