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EnterNet and Mac OS X: a follow-up

EnterNet and Mac OS X: a follow-up

Regarding yesterday's report on possible problems using EnterNet after installing Mac OS X, Tyler Perkins explains:

    "EnterNet modifies OpenTransport when it is installed. The reason EnterNet does not work with OS 9.1 after an OS X install is because running Classic from within OS X places OpenTransport 2.7.5 in your 9.1 Extensions folder. This new file will not have the EnterNet modifications and thus it will fail to work with EnterNet. Re-installing EnterNet may work, but only if EnterNet is compatible with OT 2.7.5."

Using EnterNet from within OS X itself may work in any case. For example, Marc Nothrop replies: "I've just signed up for ADSL with Telstra BigPond, in Australia. Telstra are supplying the EnterNet 300 application, to support PPPoE for Mac OS 9.x. After the tech left, I booted up my PowerBook G3 333, under OS X, opened the Network preferences panel and switched from internal modem, to ethernet, hit the PPPoE tab, entered my username and password, and was able to successfully connect!"