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Emerson brightens kitchens

Looking for something a little brighter than the standard black or white microwave you find at most stores? Emerson offers a microwave in candy apple red.

Microwaves always seem to come in boring colors: black, white, gray, and the occasional brown. If you're interested in microwaves with style, fake wood grain has been the fanciest choice available. That's changing, though. With large appliances in every color, it's getting easier to find microwaves that can contribute to a bright color scheme in your kitchen. Emerson has several stylish microwaves on the market, but plenty of them are black or gray. Their 700-watt model, however, comes in candy apple red--a color guaranteed to catch anyone's eye. At 0.7 cubic feet, it is not the largest microwave on the market, but it may be one of the cutest. It's also the perfect size for a dorm room, if you're looking to send Junior off with a quality appliance. This microwave comes with all the standard features: removable turntable, digital clock and LED display. It also has 10 power levels and six one-touch settings. You can make popcorn or reheat pizza without messing around with timers. There's even a child-safe lockout setting, in case there are some inquisitive youngsters in your home. It is priced at about $60.00. While Emerson's microwaves are available online, you can go to Target if you want to check out the real thing before spending your money.

The 700-Watt Microwave Emerson