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EatSmart does the calculating for you

Keeping an eye on what you eat -- especially portion control -- can be pretty hard when you cook at home. The EatSmart Nutrition Scale can calculate not only portion sizes but other information about your meal.

EatSmart Nutrition Scale EatSmart Products

I have a pan of brownies sitting on my counter. I keep an eye on what I eat, but that doesn't mean that I can't eat a sweet or two. The problem that I run into is that it's hard to decide just how much brownie I can have. I've looked around, but I haven't found any helpful information. One recipe suggested that 1/20 of a pan is the appropriate serving size for a brownie. However, I'm not going to spend my time dividing a pan that precisely.

The EatSmart Nutrition Scale provides an alternative. Beyond standard scale capabilities, it can estimate calories and nutrients, and make suggestions for portion size. In the past, it's been marketed to individuals with special dietary needs, such as diabetics trying to control blood glucose. It's also been marketed as a weight loss tool. I'd argue that EatSmart's scale provides information for anyone doing a fair amount of home cooking. After all, a bag of flour doesn't come with portion sizes for finished meals.

This scale is more expensive than the majority of kitchen scales. Most vendors list the EastSmart scale at $75. However, it does have significantly more functionality than the average kitchen scale. Most can't handle anything beyond simply weighing food.