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Eagle-mounted 360 camera offers stunning bird's-eye view of Scottish highlands

If you've ever wanted a bird's eye view of the Scottish highlands, wish no more.


Giroptic strapped one of its forthcoming 360cams to the back of an eagle flying near Scotland's Loch Goil to stunning effect. Though don't expect a drone-style steadicam shot: eagles, it would appear, are well-suited to fly through wind and turbulence.

The video -- the latest of many on Giroptic's YouTube page -- hits just as the company says it has shipped "the majority" of its Kickstarter orders. The startup's $499 360 camera was funded two years ago, but -- like so many crowdfunded tech products -- it's running far behind the original November 2014 delivery schedule (Giroptic has been shipping to backers for two and a half months).

The 360cam has a unique design including interchangeable bases that let you, for example, power it using a light bulb socket. But, in the meantime, the 360 camera market has become far more competitive, with heavyweights such as Ricoh, Kodak, Samsung and LG entering the ring, as well as several other smaller companies like 360fly and ALLie.