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New DroneGun has Blade Runner looks, can stop drones

The DroneGun Tactical safely stops unwanted drones with a pull of the trigger, forcing them to land.


It looks like it's from "Blade Runner" but it has the ability to take down drones with a pull of the trigger.


Drones have become ubiquitous in our lives over the last few years. Our governments use them for warfare; companies like UPS, Google and Amazon want to use them for deliveries; filmmakers and photographers use them to capture footage; and regular people use them as toys.

With all these drones in the air, many questions arise about safety and privacy -- and how to stop them if they're doing something unsafe or invading privacy. Just a few days ago, for example, a drone flew over an airplane landing at Las Vegas McCarran airport.

The company DroneShield has one answer: the DroneGun Tactical. It's a follow up to the larger and longer range DroneGun. The new DroneGun Tactical looks like it came straight out of the movie "Blade Runner."

It works pretty simply: You point the gun at the drone and pull the trigger. A burst of electromagnetic signals is emitted and jams the connection between the drone and its pilot. It uses radio frequencies to stop a drone from transmitting video and jams the drone's signals, forcing it to return to its launch point or land on the spot.

Watch the video below to see how its bigger brother the DroneGun works.

The DroneGun Tactical is currently only for government or commercial use.