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Drone catches three whales in water ballet around a boat

Whales are large, but graceful. A drone looks down on a whale-watching expedition and spots three of the big mammals dancing around a boat.

When you take a boat to go whale watching, you hope to at least see one whale out in the blue expanse of the ocean. Sailors on a recent expedition got three times that as a trio of playful whales surrounded their boat. The footage comes from Drones.nc, a French company specializing in drone video shoots, which describes the whales' activity as a "water ballet far beyond our expectations."

A delightfully cheesy synthesizer soundtrack complete with whale sounds lends some New Age flair to the proceedings, but ultimately doesn't detract from the sheer wonder of the curious whales at play.

YouTube user Wam Wamland published the video on Sunday. It was filmed in August in the South Pacific near New Caledonia, a group of islands that also hosts the second largest reef in the world. Humpback whale-watching season takes place every year from mid-July through mid-September.

If you can't make it all the way to New Caledonia, you can at least get a hint of the thrill of a whale encounter from the drone-shot video. It's mesmerizing to watch the massive creatures swirl in graceful circles around the boat.

(Via Gizmodo)