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Dragalia Lost: Nintendo reveals details about mobile game coming Sept. 27

The free-to-start action-RPG is coming to iOS and Android.


Nintendo's next mobile game arrives in September.

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET

Nintendo revealed details of its upcoming mobile game Dragalia Lost in a mobile direct late Wednesday.

The action-RPG, which was co-developed by Cygames, will launch Sept. 27 in the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau for iOS and Android.

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It's free-to-start -- meaning it has in-game purchases -- and has been designed to be played using touchscreen controls. In the game's real-time battles, you swipe to dodge and tap to attack.

It takes place in the Kingdom of Alberia and you play as its Seventh Royal Prince, who bonds with a dragon and can transform to perform a super attack. You travel with a party of four, out of the game's 60 characters, and switch between them on the fly in battle.

Every quest is playable in co-op with up to four players, and raid-style multiplayer events are planned.

The game's chibi art style resembles that seen the Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy games.

You can power up your party by leveling up with experience points, equipping better weapons (which changes your fighting style), unlocking nodes on the Mana Circle and building various structures at the Halidom, a holy castle that acts as your personal camp.

Players can also summon characters, dragons or Wyrmprint (cards used to enhance party members) using the in-game currency Wyrmite or Diamantium, which is purchasable within the game using real-world money.


Diamantium is purchasable using real-world money.

Nintendo/Screenshot by CNET

You can pre-register and sign up using your Nintendo Network ID or register your email address on the App Store or Google Play. If you pre-register now and more than 500,000 users sign up, you'll get up to 1,500 Wyrmite when you start the game.

Nintendo didn't immediately respond to a request for further details or release dates for other territories.

Dragalia Lost is the company's fifth mobile game. Miitomo and Super Mario Run came out in 2016, while Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp arrived last year.

It hopes to launch Mario Kart Tour by March 2019, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told The Star in June.

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