Dragalia Lost is Nintendo's newest mobile game

The RPG will hit your iPhone or Android device this year, as will Nintendo's previously announced Mario Kart mobile game.

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Daniel Van Boom

It took Nintendo a while to jump on the mobile gaming bandwagon, but now the Japanese giant is really leaning into it.

On Thursday Nintendo announced its latest venture into mobile gaming, Dragalia Lost. It's an RPG game jointly developed with Cygames, a studio Nintendo now owns a 5 percent stake of, and it'll debut in Asia this summer before coming to the US and Europe.

A trailer for the game was released, though it doesn't reveal much other than the game's spiffy 3D graphics and Japanese art style.

Dragalia Lost will be only the second Nintendo-developed mobile game, after Miitomo , that's not branded with one of the company's trademark characters. It follows Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, three high-profile mobile releases from Nintendo over the past two years. 

But it's not the only big mobile project Nintendo has in its pipeline, as Mario Kart is slated to hit your iPhone or Android sometime this year, too.