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Double the wine chiller, double the fun

The Sharper Image Double Wine Chiller lets one bottle chill while another one is enjoyed.

Two bottles are better than one. Bed Bath & Beyond

Years upon years of collective experience has taught wine lovers the knowledge of what specific temperatures are best to serve different types of wine. No matter if you follow these recommended temperature settings or just need a way to make wine that is supposed to be cold, cold, you are going to need a way to chill your wine.

The Sharper Image Double Wine Chiller is a double-barreled tabletop wine chiller. Capable of chilling wine to a specified temperature from a list of 70 presets, the two-chambered chiller helps to chill two bottles of different wines at their correct temperatures. A large backlit display makes it easy to read details for each side, while also allowing for the capability to add custom preferences. With a brushed metal finish, the appliance furnishes a distinctive modern look that will go with any decor.

Wine chillers may be a great way to get a bottle of wine to the correct temperature; however, most designs are flawed in that they only are capable of chilling one bottle at a time. When a bottle is opened, a decision must be made to keep that bottle chilled, or to vacate the space to create room for the next bottle. It's not a problem wine drinkers need be faced with. With a double wine chiller, one bottle can be opened and enjoyed at the correct temperature, while another remains at the ready. You know, just in case.