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DOS Compatibility card conflicts: a follow-up

DOS Compatibility card conflicts: a follow-up

a. Adam Wunn reminds me: "The DOS Compatibility Card unimplemented trap problem with Mac OS 7.6 and the DOS Software 1.5 (mentioned here in March) is a known problem that was fixed in version 1.5.5. However, due to a problem with a component of 1.5.5 (not related to the other problem), 1.5.5 was pulled from Apple's servers with a promise that the error would be fixed and the update would be posted again. That was over a month ago. The update is still not re-posted." However, see the next item...

b. Aaron B. Ciesar reports on another DOS Compatibility Card problem: "When attempting to switch to PC mode, the monitor will turn off. This happens on monitors receiving power through the CPU box, not a wall outlet. Switching back to Mac mode will turn the monitor back on." He claims that Apple reports the conflict is due to the OT Serial Arbitrator and that it will be fixed via an update to the DOS Compatibility Software due in late April or early May.

c. Mary Nesset had a startup problem when her DOS Compatibility Card was installed. She traced it to a conflict between OneClick and PC Setup. "By reordering the extensions so that PC Setup loaded before OneClick, I solved my problem."