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Don't get burned by the heat in the kitchen

A silicone pot holder protects your fingers better than traditional hot gloves.

Pretty and functional. Solutions

Every so often, I buy myself a new "hot glove" at the 99-cent store. Invariably, of course, I discover that my bargain has an unsung benefit--the ability to not protect my fingers from heat at all. Since it's not actually fun to burn myself repeatedly, I went looking for a new solution.

And I found it in the iSi Get-it silicone potholder. The Get-it features a funky finger knob designed to give you a firmer grip on whatever you're holding. And, as you'd expect, the flexible silicone can wrap around hot handles and odd-shaped casseroles.

The double layers of textured and ribbed silicone are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees. And unlike bulky mitts that come apart after a wash or two, this potholder can go right in the dishwasher whenever necessary.

Pretty cool.