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Dive back into fondue

The Swissmar AlpenGlow 11-Piece Electric Fondue Set is easy to set up and requires no special fuel.

No fire needed. Chef's Catalog

Fondue is fun. Sitting around with family and friends, jostling for position over a bowl of melted cheese or chocolate can be quite entertaining. Add some good wine and better conversation and you got yourself a complete evening. However, as enjoyable as this communal experience may be, there are at least two things involved with fondue parties that nobody enjoys: setting up and cleaning up.

When people think of fondue, generally cheese and chocolate come to mind, but also a small flickering flame. The Swissmar AlpenGlow 11-Piece Electric Fondue Set bypasses the convention of utilizing fire, and instead relies on good old electricity straight out of the wall. Fondue purists may enjoy how the special bulb with tinted guard emulates a flickering flame, and everybody will enjoy the lack of a need to root around for a specialized fuel canister when setting up the pot. Additionally the cast iron pot features a vitreous enamel interior, allowing not only for easy release of ingredients while in the pot, but it also facilitates an easy cleanup.

The 400-watt fondue pot features a thermostat for variable temperature control, ensuring consistent temperature throughout the evening. Complete with eight stainless-steel forks, the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean fondue pot encourages a return to a timeless tradition--without even the need for a pack of matches.