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Diamonds are more than girls' best friends

Diamond-coated file can be used to smooth out chips on crystal and china

Sky Mall

If you're like me, then you probably have some chips in your wine glasses. I take this to be a good thing, because having chipped wine glasses means that I have friends over often enough to use them. But, outside of the communal environment chipped glasses imply, these jagged edges can be dangerous and unattractive. A simple fix is to toss the glass and buy another, but with the Crystal Saver Wine Glass Chip Remover, the toss and replace strategy may no longer be necessary.

The Chip Remover is a nickel file that's covered with diamond particles. To use it, you simply dip it in water and apply a few short strokes to chipped glassware, crystal, china, or ceramics, eliminating the chipped portion and making the glass available for another guest to use.

For being coated with diamond particles, the price is reasonable: you can buy one from the Sky Mall Web site for $24.95 (less when you buy it in bulk).