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Deus Ex: The Fall for iPhone and iPad out 11 July, costs £5

The big-name game arrives on Apple tablets and smart phones this week -- the Android version doesn't have a date yet.

Deus Ex: The Fall has been given a release date, and will be available to download on Apple's glossy mobile gadgets from 11 July.

The mobile shoot-em-up-cum-RPG was only announced last month, but is already ready to make its debut, arriving on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this Thursday. An Android version is coming too, but there's no confirmed date yet.

Owning the game will set you back a penny shy of £5 -- a costly outlay compared with many of the mobile marvels in the App Store, which this week celebrates its 5th birthday.

Publisher Square Enix will be hoping that the luxurious visuals, coupled with the franchise's big-name appeal, will be enough to pry gamers away from their cash.

Older Apple devices won't be able to play the game. The iPhone 4 and earlier models are left out in the cold, as is the original iPad and any iPod touch prior to the fifth-generation model.

Word that Deus Ex: The Fall would be landing on mobile gadgets proved... controversial. The E3 announcement video has over 14,000 thumbs-down ratings on YouTube, compared to 1,220 thumbs up. Beneath the game's trailer one commenter writes, "This slop doesn't deserve to share the same name with its predecessors. What a disgrace."

I'm a huge fan of mobile gaming and the cheap, inventive timewasters that the introduction of apps has thrown into the mix. Smart phone or tablet games that use on-screen joysticks or virtual buttons often prove clunky and difficult to control, however, so I'll hold judgement on this new effort until I've had a chance to play it through.

Will you buy Deus Ex: The Fall, or should it have been made for a more traditional console, or for PC? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.