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Deal of the day: Seagate 300GB hard drive for $99.99

With $30 in instant savings and $60 in rebates, CompUSA is selling this hard drive for nearly half-price.

For those of you who love a bargain, but are lacking the time and energy to wade through the sea of online deals, CNET News.com is now highlighting just one great offer on a daily basis.

Instant savings of $30 and mail-in rebates worth $60 knock the price of this "super-silent" 300GB hard drive down by almost 50 percent at CompUSA.

What: Seagate 300GB hard drive
How much: $99.99 after $30 instant savings and $60 in mail-in rebates
Shipping: free for ground freight
Where: CompUSA (via techdeals.net)
When: Rebates expire Jan. 14