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Dacor's outdoor fridge serves a big BBQ

Dacor's new refrigerator keeps food cool on the patio or inside a small kitchen space.

If you are like me, your patio has more in common with a dirty playground than the "indoor living room with complete kitchen amenities," that appliance maker Dacor envisions.

A little fridge for a big BBQ Dacor

That's a nice vision. If it's your vision...and a big ol' cooler on the patio or porch doesn't cut it during backyard parties, and a full-size fridge is totally out of the question (next to the garden is rather excessive), this refrigerator from Dacor might be the thing for you.

The Epicure outdoor refrigerator is designed to match nicely with Dacor's outdoor grills, which are available in 52- and 36-inch widths.

This fridge, which measures 33 inches tall and 24 inches wide, fits under a counter on a patio or deck or within a kitchen layout tight on space.

It's available with a stainless steel door and comes with a left- or right-hand door swing option.

The refrigerator is somewhat hardy, withstanding temperatures from 50 degrees to 109 degrees Fahrenheit (wouldn't leave it out in a snowstorm). It's fairly roomy for beverages, too, holding up to 124 cans of soda or 50 bottles of wine.

If you're worried about noise, this fridge boasts a vibration-free compressor. It also has an electronic control panel that allows you to change the temperature with the touch of a button. A charcoal filter also removes stinky odors.