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Cyber Monday 2020 iPad deals (Update: Expired)

More iPads are selling out, and we're only seeing a handful of decent price cuts at the high end.

Update, Dec. 1: These Cyber Monday deals have expired. Please read our list of best Cyber Monday deals still available, and check out the CNET Holiday Gift Guide for our top gifts picks.

We're not going to sugarcoat it, folks: iPad deals are becoming few and far between. What few deals there were during Black Friday sales were often restricted to $50 to $70 off on models like the iPad Air, or price cuts that required curbside pickup. Now, with Cyber Monday sales starting in earnest on Nov. 30, we're seeing some discounts return. But for now, you'll need to be content with only getting decent price cuts if you're already spending upwards of $1,000 on an 512GB iPad Pro. And many of those you can get come with a shipping date that's in late December or January -- far too late for Christmas.

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We're updating this list as new deals emerge and old ones expire, so be sure to check back often for the best price.

The larger iPad Pro models are currently discounted on Amazon. You can save $100 on the 128GB and 256GB or $150 on the 512GB and 1TB models. But just keep in mind we expect iPad Pro upgrades in 2021. Read our 2020 iPad Pro review.


Apple's 10.9-inch iPad Air has 64GB of storage, and it's a solid device for the price. In fact, it delivers a good chunk of the iPad Pro experience for far less money than that model. That great value just earned it our Editors' Choice award. It's been floating at around $40 off at Amazon and Walmart, but often only for certain colors. Read our iPad Air review.

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The 11-inch iPad Pro usually sells for $799 at Apple, but Amazon currently has the new, feature-rich Pro version of Apple's tablet at $50 off. Not a huge discount, but not bad at all for a new Apple device.

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The eighth-gen iPad features a 10.2-inch display powered by the A12 chip. The 32GB model has a list price of $329 but most retailers sell it for $299, which is also Apple's education discount price. We saw it dip to $279 earlier at Costco, and that's now available at Best Buy -- albeit only for curbside pickup.  Read our iPad 2020 review.

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We'll be honest: This one is only for those willing to pay a premium for the smaller screen. You're basically paying a big premium to get the same basic specs as the 10.2-inch iPad, but with a more portable 7.9-inch size (albeit with 64GB of storage and a spiffier screen).  Read our iPad Mini 2019 review.

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