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Crimp edges with no stress

If you've ever tried to seal a perogy--or any other pastry pouch--you know that crimping edges can turn into a major hassle. But Sara's World Famous Perogy Maker crimps and seals edges in a snap.

I cook and bake on a regular basis, but I tend to avoid making perogies, dumplings, and other dough-based meals because of the effort it takes to seal a whole pile of perogies. The first one always looks great, but by the third I have filling leaking out all over the counter. I like that sort of dish, though, so I've been on the lookout for a tool that can make the crimping process easier.

Sara's World Famous Perogy Maker Sara's World Famous Perogy Maker

Sara's World Famous Perogy Maker is that tool. Not only does it handle crimping and sealing the edges of filled dough, it also cuts and trims your work into everything from small crescent moon shapes to full circles. It's just a matter of pressing the Perogy Maker down on your dough. It's 2.5 inches tall and has a 2.6-inch cutting diameter, and also comes in a larger size known as Sara's World Famous Pastry Maker. The Pastry Maker is the same height but has a 3.5-inch cutting diameter. While the Perogy Maker is perfect for dishes of the size of ravioli, turnovers, filled cookies, and tarts, the Pastry Maker is meant more for calzones, samosas, empanadas, and other larger items. Both are priced for less than $10.