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Create the perfect ice bucket for your beverage

The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler allows you to create an ice shape that will keep a bottle chilled for hours.

The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler
The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler Chefs Catalog

When it comes down to it, an ice bucket is an ice bucket. When you're chilling champagne or wine for a special occasion, you want something a little fancier than a bucket. The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler offers you the option of creating an ice sculpture just for your bottled beverages. It's a mold that shapes ice to keep wine or other bottled beverages chilled for up to 6 hours at a time. Because you're starting with plain water, you can easily add citrus, flowers and any other ornaments that will freeze well to your ice sculpture--and if you've got food coloring, you can choose any color you would like.

The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler is plastic and should be hand-washed between uses. In order to provide enough time for your ice sculpture to freeze solidly, you should fill the mold with water and place in the freezer 24 hours before you'll need it. The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler comes with a silver base that will collect water as the ice sculpture melts, preventing any mess. You can use your ice sculptures for other purposes, as well: place a candle inside and you'll have an ice lantern. The Exaco Nice Ice Cooler is $24.99.