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Create Instagram-like photos with PHP

Hanging out for Instagram on Android? With a little bit of code, here's how to create some Instagram-like effects using PHP.

Hanging out for Instagram on Android? Even if you don't have an Instagram-capable mobile device, you can still achieve that distinct vintage look.

(Credit: CBSi)

Previously, Instagram fans have created a series of Photoshop actions that replicate the filters from the app. This tutorial from Dejan Majanovic takes that one step further for serious coders out there.

You can find the tutorial over at NetTuts+ to let you create Instagram-like filters using PHP. Using PHP and ImageMagick, the walkthrough shows how it replicates Instagram's most popular filters; including Gotham, Toaster, Nashville, Lomo and Kelvin.

The best part is that you can download all the source files to play with, and deploy it on your own server.

Want to see it in action but not too keen on dipping your toes into PHP coding? Check out Instagraph, which will give you a working demo of the code in action, allowing you to pass any photo of your choosing through the filters.