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Cover up, your shell is showing

Egg pants hold your boiled egg as you eat it.

The Brooklyn Kitchen
In keeping with the theme of Egg Month at The Brooklyn Kitchen, a quaint little shop down the street from my apartment that sells the best kitchen gadgets in the neighborhood, I'm bringing you Egg Pants, an egg-serving gadget with a sense of humor.

Egg cups have been around forever, but this iteration tackles the task of egg-holding from a much different angle. Dreamed up by Brooklyn designer Liz Kinnmark, the cute little cups come with three itty bitty legs for your eggs. When in use, your breakfast looks like it's ready to dance across your dining room table.

The Egg Pants are dip molded out of PVC and are white on the outside with a yellow interior cup. You can buy them as a set of two for $20 from Design Glut, the company Kinnmark started with college bud Kegan Fisher.