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Count on this Talking Measuring Cup

The Talking Measuring Cup uses voice to communicate ingredient volume or weight to users.

The measuring cup finally gets a say in the matter.
The measuring cup finally gets a say in the matter. Hammacher Schlemmer

Anyone who has ever used a measuring cup knows that they like to lie. Well, maybe not lie so much as distort the truth. That is, unless one lifts it up to eye level, the reading might not be so accurate. Attempts have been made to rectify this issue and include enhancements such as angled measuring cups (Oxo) or measuring cups with a scale built in. Those are all steps in the right direction, but we now have given the measuring cup itself a voice.

The Talking Measuring Cup ($59.95) chimes into the conversation by offering voice-assisted operation. Capable of measuring wet or dry ingredients, the kitchen gadget verbalizes the amount of the contents, pronouncing words in easy to understand English; for example, the female voice will say "one and one-fourth cups" when 1.25 cups are added.

The device can state the reading in either volume (cups or milliliters) or weight (ounces or grams) and includes a tare function to let users keep adding ingredients into its 3-cup capacity. When removed from the base, the kitchen helper can be placed in the dishwasher or microwave, and its removable flip-up lid is sure to come in handy for a variety of situations. All in all it adds up to one measuring cup that can be counted on -- assuming it tells the truth.