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Coke invents the 'selfie bottle'

Coca-Cola has devised a bottle that automatically takes a photo when you glug its caffeinated beverage. Of course you then share it on social media.

Coca-Cola Israel

Coca-Cola's latest attempt to appeal to "the kids" is a "selfie bottle" that has an integrated camera that automatically takes snaps when you take a drink.

A camera is positioned in the base of the Coke bottle and activates when you tip the bottle 70 degrees, ad industry site The Drum reports. You can then share the pictures to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Just be sure to hold it the right way up or you'll be taking pictures of your chin or ears.

The product was created by advertising agency Gefen for Coca-Cola Israel as part of its Summer Love outdoor festival.

There's no word as to whether the bottle will make it to stores in Israel or even other parts of the world -- but you can bet it will crop up on eBay.

Representatives for Coca-Cola did not respond immediately to our request for comment.