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Coffee or tea about as easy as can be

The Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee and Tea Dripper is an easy-to-use appliance that makes either beverage. Featuring one carafe for brewing tea or coffee, as well as for serving, the one appliance streamlines the process.

Turn water into coffee or tea at the press of a button.
Turn water into coffee or tea at the press of a button. Bodum

Water is great on its own, but considering that it lacks caffeine, it can be improved upon. Luckily, the process of doing just that is quite easy. Just heat some water and add ground coffee beans or tea leaves; soon, the resulting brew will be a flavorful beverage with a kick. It being such an easy procedure for creating coffee or tea, it can be easy to get carried away with minutiae. Sometimes, all that is needed is a means to heat the water and a separate something to steep either the tea or the coffee to be. Or just one appliance that does both, to either coffee or tea.

The Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee and Tea Dripper can turn water into either caffeinated favorite. Featuring a water reservoir that heats and disperses water into a waiting carafe, handy accessories provide the means to brew the beverage of choice. To make tea, a filter basket is provided, and then meant to be subsequently removed after the tea has steeped. For coffee-making, grounds are added directly to the same vessel (sans tea), and then a French press top allows for the resulting elixir to be plunged when ready. In both cases, the same vessel can be used for serving the transformed water, keeping the process about as streamlined as can be.