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Gadgets team stars in Gmail video

They blog, they podcast, they patrol the streets dressed as iPhones and superheroes... and now they're in the Gmail video. There's no stopping's Andrew Lim and Nate Lanxon

You have to feel sorry for Google. Although it seems well on the way to total global domination of the known Internet, it still doesn't have an advertising budget -- or at least that's how it looks. The search-engine megacorp was recently reduced to appealing to users to provide material for a collaborative video showing how Gmail messages travel around the world.

The team couldn't resist the opportunity to a) help a struggling start-up, and b) show off our acting, directing and editing talents, so Andrew Lim and Nate Lanxon joined green-screen guru Drew Stearne for a game of Gmail frisbee in our on-site studio. When the final cut of the Gmail video was released this morning, we found our clip had not only been plucked from the pile of over 1,100 submissions from 65 countries, but also been used as the first clip in the user-generated section (the intro was filmed by Google).

You can find out more about the project from the Gmail blog, view all the entries on YouTube or enjoy our 10-second clip on its own. Fanmail can be submitted by e-frisbee. -Mary Lojkine