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Clear viewing for the fan favorite seven-layer dip

Pyrex baking dish makes for an excellent choice for constructing, serving and transporting food. Included as part of the Pyrex Original 8-pc. Bakeware Set.

Eight piece set for seven layers. Amazon

Each season, 32 football teams battle it out in hopes of reaching the Super Bowl. This year the Arizona Cardinals (do they have cardinals in Arizona?) are one of the teams in the big game. Besides the teams battling it out on the field, there is a second, more delicious battle, vying for your attention on game day: the food spread. When I think of the Southwest, I think of spicy food, and considering that Arizona is home to a good deal of Mexican-inspired food, it only makes sense to include it in your game day festivities. When it comes to the Super Bowl, the seven-layer dip is always a favorite.

Exactly which seven layers to include is entirely up to you, but no matter what, you are going to need something to construct it in that also acts as a serving device. The Pyrex Original 8-pc. Bakeware Set fits the bill perfectly. Familiar to all, the basic 9-inch by 13-inch baking dish included in the set is the ideal choice as a serving platter. As an added bonus, the other items are all useful, especially when considering the possibility of leftovers.

The see-through dish is perfect for viewing the bean, salsa, guacamole, onion, sour cream, olive, and cheese concoction that is so well-known as a fan favorite. Top with the included lid, transport to your local Super Bowl party, and before you even pop the lid, everybody will be cheering for more.