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Clean up the kitchen in peace

The Samsung DMT800 Dishwasher offers advanced noise reduction and powerful cleaning features.

Quiet and efficient, the Samsung DMT800 dishwasher blends into the kitchen. Samsung

The busiest room in the house has got to be the kitchen. Heavily trafficked from morning to night (and sometimes for that midnight snack), the kitchen serves as the nerve center of the house. Facing activity all day long, anything that streamlines cleanup procedures in the kitchen can only be viewed as a welcome inclusion. Considering that there's enough of both already, noise and mess are two aspects that every household wishes to reduce.

The Samsung DMT800 Dishwasher features a heavy-duty wash system and advanced insulation for effective and quiet operation. For hard-to-wash items, a special zone at the bottom of the dishwasher uses a powerful rotating spray jet to clean items that may otherwise pose a challenge. Noise levels are reduced not only due to six layers of panel construction on the front of the unit, but also because of a redesigned motor housing concealed in the base of the machine.

A dedicated area for exceptional washing and thoughtfully designed noise control are much appreciated features for the kitchen, but that's not all the dishwasher has to offer. Flexible and convenient, it also features an adjustable upper rack, movable (or removable) tines, and a concealed heating element that allows for additional, heat-sensitive items to be washed and dried on the lower rack. There's even an audible end-of-cycle signal--about the only noise it's designed to let you hear.

The Samsung DMT800 dishwasher will be available in stores late July 2010.