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Classic coffee goes from stovetop to countertop

The Aroma AEM-621SS Hot Moka X-Press Electric Moka Maker offers the benefits of a classic brewing method directly on the countertop.

A convenient and easy way to brew coffee.
A convenient and easy way to brew coffee.Photo by Amazon

The perpetual interest surrounding the humble coffee bean can in part be attributed to its ability to be served in so many different ways. But whether imbibers enjoy their beverage hot or cold, sweet or bitter, there always needs to be a way to get from bean to cup. And as strong as preferences tend to color cups of coffee, so too is that opinion found in brewing method.

The Aroma AEM-621SS Hot Moka X-Press Electric Moka Maker offers a tried-and-true brewing method updated for the modern home. Modeled after a popular stovetop coffeemaker, the device is geared for countertop use. Shutting off automatically after up to six shots of coffee are brewed, the polished stainless steel device makes for an attractive everyday addition to the countertop.

In use, the coffee machine is easy to operate. Consisting a few pieces and constructed with no real moving parts, the appliance lets hot water do all the work. After ground coffee is added to the funnel and water to the reservoir, the machine heats the water and forces it through the grounds, completing the process in less than 5 minutes. The carafe lifts off of the base for cordless pouring, making the method not only enjoyable, but easy, too.