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Chop potatoes, not fingertips

You want to chop your veggies quickly and efficiently, but you also want to keep all 10 fingers intact. The solution, if you're not an experienced chopper, is Safe Slice.

A perfect 10. Evriholder

As we enter the holiday season, many of us are planning menus, prepping kitchens, and getting ready to spend at least a day cooking up a feast. With all that cooking inevitably comes a bit of chopping, and if you're not an experienced chef, you may be bit worried about the safety of your fingers.

Proper chopping technique has your finders bent and pressed up against the knife so you can't slice off a fingertip, but if you're unpracticed, the position feels unnatural. The Safe Slice uses a protective shield that grips food tightly and keeps your fingers out of harm's way while you chop, slice, and dice.

At around $6, it's cheap security, and it comes in pink, purple, and green.