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Chocolate-coat those Zoku freezer pops

The Zoku Chocolate Station supplies an easy way to chocolate-coat homemade freezer pops. The gadget can coat up to eight pops per batch.

Can't you just hear the chocolate?
Can't you just hear the chocolate? Williams-Sonoma

Kitchen gadgets spin, whiz, and whir so often that we have come to expect them to.

Considering that their job is to manipulate food into presentable and edible creations this is not much of a surprise. However, when a gadget comes along that finds its utility in silence, that doesn't have to mean it isn't doing what it is supposed to be doing. And if it doing what it is supposed to be doing involves doing it with chocolate, then nobody is going to raise a fuss.

The popular Zoku line of freezer pop makers has added a new accessory to its growing arsenal of add-ons. The base stations are available in configurations that make one, two, or even more freezer pops at a time. And now, the Zoku Chocolate Station lets them all be dipped into delicious chocolate.

The perfectly proportioned gadget holds enough melted chocolate to coat up to eight pops per batch. After pouring melted chocolate into the reservoir, kids and adults alike can dip their customized freezer pops into the waiting deliciousness, giving them a thin, even coating that rivals anything the ice-cream man can provide. Further allowing the ability to make the perfect pop, the accessory comes complete with dipping trays to add chopped nuts or sprinkles. While the gadget itself might not make noise while it is being used, having that silence extend to a group of children (or even adults) using it probably isn't going to happen.