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Chill your wine at the table

Getting your wine to the perfect serving temperature is easy with the Kalorik Tabletop Wine Cooler.

The Kalorik Tabletop Wine Cooler Kalorik

For every wine, there is a perfect drinking temperature. However, most wines are actually stored at a temperature below that point. The Kalorik Tabletop Wine Cooler lets you keep your wine at the correct temperature and still have it on the table. The wine cooler has two chambers that let you chill two bottles at once. Standard wine bottles fit in both chambers and can be controlled separately. If, for instance, you have a bottle of red in one chamber and a bottle of white in the other, you can chill them both to the ideal temperature for their specific varieties.

The Kalorik Tabletop Wine Cooler comes preprogrammed with four recommended serving temperatures, letting you chill red wine, white wine, rose wine, and champagne at the press of a button. You can also control the temperature manually, setting it anywhere from 45 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The wine cooler also comes with two wireless temperature probes that can determine the temperature of your wine from outside of the bottle. If you leave your wine out of the wine cooler but within 10 feet of it, the temperature probes will even warn you when your wine is getting too warm and needs to go back in the cooler. The Kalorik Tabletop Wine Cooler costs about $150.