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Chill your drink with perfect spheres

Spherical ice cube tray adds a fun twist to summer beverages.

MoMA Store
The only thing that can make a frosty beverage in the summer better is a generous helping of ice, and the only thing that can make a generous helping of ice better is a fun-shaped container in which to freeze it.

Enter this Spherical Ice Tray Set available at the MoMA Design Store. The set molds two 2-inch spheres that serve as an attractive alternative to everyday ice cubes. One set is enough to fill glasses for you and a friend on the patio, or if you're up purchasing several sets, they could accommodate a larger group for a dinner party or a punch bowl.

Like all of the gadgets available on the store's Web site, you can get the ice trays pictured here for a small discount if you're a member. As a member of the general populace, you can pick the set up for $16.