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Cheese grater grates cheese, not fingers

The Oster Rechargeable Electric Cheese Grater features an enclosed hopper and automatic action for easy cheese grating.

No more cheese nubs. Bed Bath & Beyond

The kitchen can be a dangerous place. Sharp knives and tools lurk around every corner. Electrical outlets harbor gadgets and gizmos tantalizingly close to the kitchen sink. Even a simple thing such as grating cheese can become a delicate process when you consider how close your fingers come when you are grating the last nub of cheese. Faced with a room full of peril-in-waiting, it is comfortable to note that at least in the case of cheese graters, scratched knuckles and nicked fingers can finally relax.

The Oster Rechargeable Electric Cheese Grater takes the chore of grating cheese and brings it to a new level. Simply place a section of cheese in the hopper, choose between course or fine, and set it into action. The grater automatically grates the cheese while a window lets you safely see the action. The vertical design allows for ergonomic use and easy storage; it's fast and easy to use.

Finally, the age-old question of what to do with cheese nubs is answered. Grate them. No longer must fingers dodge the grater just to utilize every last bit of cheese. Now, the complete block of cheese can be put to use with no fear of fingers getting too close to the grater. Piece of mind can be yours for only $29.99. Your fingers will thank you.