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Chat hands-free with Motorola H350 Bluetooth headset, $4.99 (after rebate)

Office Depot has a basic Bluetooth headset on sale for $4.99 after a $35 mail-in rebate. You still have to pay shipping (and/or sales tax), though.


If you're still walking around with your cell phone glued to your ear, here's your chance to walk around looking like you're talking to yourself instead. Office Depot has the Motorola H350 Bluetooth headset for $4.99 (plus shipping) after a $35 mail-in rebate.

This isn't a top-of-the-line headset--user reviews on CNET and Amazon seem to peg it as only a hair above average--but did I mention the $4.99 price tag? Curiously, the Office Depot product listing describes an entirely different headset and doesn't include a link to the rebate form (a PDF, FYI), which may raise a red flag for some.

If you decide to order the headset anyway (or bop into your local Office Depot), make sure to hurry: The rebate offer expires March 15.