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Carry coffee with care

Trying to carry two mugs of hot coffee at once can end with you wearing that coffee if you aren't careful. The Link Mugs provide a unique solution by linking your mugs together.

The Link Mugs Mocha

It seems like unusual coffee mugs are a good fallback plan if you can't think of a holiday gift, but even among all those unique mugs that get given out every year, the Link Mugs stand out. The ceramic coffee mugs are white and generally look like typical mugs, except for the sides, near the base. Each coffee mug in the set of three links together by way of a plus-shaped plug on one side of each mug and a corresponding socket on the other. Link your mugs together and you can carry them all over your home or office without needing to worry about spilling hot tea or coffee on yourself or on the floor.

The Link Mugs were designed by Johnathan Aspinall, with the intention of solving how one person can carry several mugs at once without resorting to a tray. The design is based of a standard builders mug. The mugs are approximately 3.75 inches tall, with a diameter of about 3.25 inches. The Link Mugs come packaged in a gift box that includes instructions on how to connect the mugs, making them a useful choice for holiday present. The set is priced at approximately $54.