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Canon reenters US mirrorless market with the EOS M3

The camera, which shipped elsewhere in April, lands in the US this October.

Sarah Tew/CNET

After a lukewarm US reception for its first mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, the EOS M in 2013, Canon chose not to release its successor M2 here, and to release this year's M3 initially in selected markets.

Now Canon has chosen to follow up with a release in the US.

When it ships in October, pricing will be $680 for the body; $800 for the kit with the 18-55mm STM lens; and $1,050 for a kit with both the 18-55m and 55-200mm STM lenses. Canon also brought over the EF-M lenses it never shipped in the US, the 55-200mm STM ($350) and 11-22mm STM ($400).

Our Australian team reviewed the camera, and with its subsequent availability here we've had the chance to run our lab tests and update the review with a lot more comparative context.