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Camping, grilling in style

The future of tailgating and campfire cooking is here, and with it comes portable cooking demonstrations.

Evo Flattop Grills Evo

Tired of the same old marshmallow on a stick routine when you're camping in the woods? Had it with yet another frozen burger off of yet another one of those ubiquitous squat little grills? Well, next time try cooking up a treat with a portable flattop grill. With its retro look, this line from Evo might just be onto something new.

Some people just aren't any good at outdoor cooking. When camping their marshmallow falls into the fire every time. Or you take them to a tailgate and the shish kabob they brought slips through the grate and ends up in the coals. You know the type, they're easily recognizable by the deli sandwich they packed instead. These Evo grills aim to solve that problem--and a whole lot more--by taking part of the kitchen and bringing it outdoors. Finally, the s'mores-challenged among us can cheat and just fire up the flattop grill, making for quick and easy treats without needlessly sacrificing any more innocent marshmallows.

Having an Evo pizza party. Evo

Not content to keep it out of the kitchen though, Evo offers indoor and built-in varieties of these presentation grills. In total, there are six new designs that aim to serve as a central and participatory experience. The solid steel cooking surfaces are round and inviting, allowing for several people to get together and cook at once. Sip some wine and chat with your friends as you each cook your own dishes to your particular taste. Or unleash your inner Rachel Ray or Mario Batali and host a cooking demonstration. Whatever your choice, your next event is sure to be a splash--indoors or out.